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Web Analytics: The future of a successful business?

As businesses slowly begin to rely more on social media and the use of technology, it’s no surprise that careers such as digital marketing, have sky-rocketed with higher pay, and more expectations. We as humans rely more on technology than any other form of advertising or communication. This is why things like web analytics play such an important role in the business industry and can provide comfort in other roles such as freelancing and private or small businesses.

The use of web analytics have been around since the beginning of the world wide web in the 90’s. Although they didn’t seem as important as in today's era, they were still used in some sense of the word, for example, The first ever analytic feed was called a ‘Hit’ which told us that a page had received a visitor who was interacting with the page. However this did not tell us what parts of the page were being interacted with.

The future is now! Businesses are relying more on analytics to get their products out there than ever before.

So what exactly are web analytics?

The meaning of the word analytics is simply the collecting and reporting of systematic data.

Web analytics can be defined by collecting , measuring and analysing web data, Offering reports to help further understand consumers web usage. To put it simply, businesses use web analytics for market research to gain insight on their daily reach through clicks, website visits etc…

This is solely to help the business understand and meet their audiences expectations and needs, measuring if their audience is growing or shrinking is an effective way of improving the business through trial and error.

Although web analytics can not tell you exactly what you need to do to grow your business, they can help prove that what you are currently doing, is helping or hindering the process through statistical evidence.

Help us, help you!

Not only will Web Analytics use a real time interface to show who is visiting your page at that exact time, but it will show you exactly which areas of your website are working better than others.

It’s Geographic! Want to know which countries the statistics are coming from? Web Analytics can do that! Not to mention the Technology/ Device the website was viewed and/or used on.

To put in simply, Web Analytics are the friends you need. They will guide you, help you learn and grow as a business. It is a tool you simply can not go without in this generation, it’s effective and easy to use. Where else are you going to find all the information you’ll ever need to know about the success of your web page?

Measure your online traffic

Web Analytics can answer:

How many users are coming through?

Which areas of the world are they coming from?

How long have they spent on the website?

Which areas of the website are they interested in?

The knowledge of where your consumers are coming from and which areas of your site are more successful is vital in moving forward in your business and making those who support you happy. An example of this would be, if the “price” section of your website is being used, you know someone is interested in buying your product and is looking for the price. If the “gallery” section is the most popular, you know that consumers wish to view your product before considering it, meaning it is vital to keep up to date on your photos and gallery.

Small key features of web analytics leave a huge imprint on your business as a whole and make sure you are not left clueless in your business. They can also help you see if things like pay per click and search engine optimization are of any value to your company.

So are WebAnalytics Really the future of success?

The takeaway is simple, Yes they are. You will thrive in your business and online presence if you use them to the best of their ability by simply giving your audience what they want.

Not getting the right audience? Not a problem! They will also help you to understand why you are not reaching the correct audience and what you can do to change that.

Tools such as are simple to use, even the less tech-savvy can find it easy as everything is right there in front of you, already telling you what you need to know.

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