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Why Businesses Should Think About Privacy-Focused Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazingly powerful analytics tool that’s used by almost every business in the world to easily track website user or visitor information. There’s just one problem with it. Google doesn’t respect the privacy of its users. Google isn’t tracking user activity only when the user is on your website, but also when they’re just casually browsing the Internet.

Why Privacy Matters

By using Google Analytics, you’re allowing Google to track all the data of your website’s visitors. This may seem enticing if you’re running a business, but you have to remember that you’re an Internet user, as well. This means your data is being compromised in much the same way your website visitors’ is.

If you use privacy-focused analytics, you’re communicating to your customers that they can trust you. In a world where most businesses don’t care for privacy-focused analytics, this can be a competitive advantage. People want to know that the website they’re using respects their privacy.

Differences Between Google Analytics and Privacy-Focused Analytics Tools

The major difference between Google Analytics and privacy-focused analytics tool is that the former uses cookies. These cookies track users’ activity even when they’re not on your website and Google uses the data in its marketing platforms to improve its own products. A privacy-focused analytics tool doesn’t use cookies.

The data collected by Google can be used against your users in court, but because a privacy-focused analytics tool isn’t collecting data, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting involved in a legal battle.

Why Businesses Do Not Use Privacy-Focused Analytics

For many businesses, this is a no-brainer. Google Analytics is free and has all the tools a small or medium-sized business needs. There is tons of information already available on the Internet and there are large communities built that are more than happy to teach people how to use Google Analytics.


Privacy matters to people and using privacy-focused analytics tools can prove to be a competitive advantage for your business. Using Google Analytics seems like the easy way out since it’s free and has a large of community of experts that are always willing to help, but you’re compromising the privacy of your customers and that can make it difficult for them to trust you.

You have to remind yourself that you’re an Internet user, too, and your activity is being tracked across multiple websites, as well. If that makes you uncomfortable, then it’s time you switch to a privacy-focused analytics tool! Of course our recommendation is – give us a try, its free!

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