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Why Web Analytics Are Important for Your Website

Fun fact: it takes about 50 milliseconds (or 0.05 seconds)for visitors to form an opinion about your website - yes, not even a second!

As the old saying goes, “you don’t get a second chance at a first impression”. Consequently, making a great first impression makes all the difference. This is a difference between watching your sales grow and losing visitors to your site. Web analytics is a simple analytic tool that can help make that difference and act as an important metric for businesses who want to grow their online presence and make the needed impact.

Understanding User Behaviour

Everyday over 5 billion search inquiries are made on the internet. As technology has evolved and data have become plentiful, so has our need to collect, organize and study all the new data that is gathered. For businesses, understanding user’s behaviour is increasingly becoming the cornerstone of most modern businesses today in a bid to adapt to ever-changing market environments.

Information provided by web analytics can help you distinguish between what is effective and ineffective when it comes to your business operations. A business not utilizing these simple analytic tools could spell disaster if they do not understand what their visitors like.

Targeted Audience

Additionally, your business can be more selective about which audience they want to target for specific parts of the site by studying which sites the visitors have come from, what geographic region, which application they are using to ensure visitors have a better user experience and they stay longer, etc. This is especially highly effective during specific seasonal periods. A business can spend more of their revenue on their Christmas-related part of their site before, during, and after the holiday period on a specific part of the site given that the past data supports the notion that the page sees a lot more traffic.

Driving Effective Campaigns

Furthermore, tracking and monitoring marketing campaigns can provide insightful information about which marketing technique has been the most effective one to ensure that resources are being utilized in the right way. Spending costly marketing funds on ineffective links and promotions lead to a loss of time in terms of planning and marketing drive. This leaves businesses venerable to competition due to poor decision-making due to money and time wasted. On the extreme, it could mean going out of business if careful attention is not paid to mitigating loss-making elements of the business while promoting profit-making parts of the site. Hence, a decrease in traffic equates to a decrease in sales and retention on the business’s website.


Website Analytics are a powerful tool that will help your business adapted to a changing global environment, help you understand your visitors, ensure resources that are allocated to the right marketing efforts, and allow your business to target the right audience based on criteria like their locations, applications they use.

ClearAnalytics can provide you with all the benefits above. It serves as a fantastic Google analytics alternative on a user-friendly platform. Check us out today!

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